About Us

We believe that makers deserve to be seen, found and remembered. We’re dedicated to creating an inspiring space, where makers can showcase their creations and offer them to the world. A space that gives them more time to make and gives newborn photographers more time to create beautiful newborn photography.

Newborn Prop Marketplace is the home of newborn photography props. The place photographers come to when looking for beautiful, unique props; to find their much loved makers and discover new ones along the way. We will inspire you to create incredible newborn photographs.

We just happen to have an amazing space and marketplace, ready just for you - want to join us?


Are you finding yourself bogged down in the admin involved on selling props on multiple locations?

Are you struggling to remember what props you've listed on what location?

Do you want more time to actually create?

Do you want more time to come up with new prop ideas or source new props?

Do you want to spend more time with your family?

Are you a photographer as well and want to devote more time to that too?


Do you find yourself having trouble remembering the name of your favourite prop makers?

Do you find yourself with a perfect creative vision for a session in mind, but have to go to a few different locations to source all the props?

Are you in lots of prop groups and missing post from makers you want to buy from?

Do you know the maker and props that you are after but they never have them in stock?

Does it currently spark joy for you when prop shopping?

Do you love it when you luck upon an amazing maker?

Are you inspired by other photographers, always on the lookout for inspiration, ideas and want to know what’s going on in the world of newborn photography?

Newborn Prop Marketplace was created by Lisa Luyten, a mother of two young boys - also a newborn and family photographer - when she realised there was no single site where she could simply find all the props she needed, when she needed them.  She was always spending too much time hunting around for the right product with mixed results, feeling more deflated and uninspired in the process.

Love your newborn photography? Love making beautiful props?

Then join us because we are just as passionate about newborn photography as you - Newborn Prop Marketplace