{Newborn Prop Marketplace - Prop Know How, Bean Bag Basics!!}

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - Prop know how, Bean bag basics!!}
One of the most important and most used props in a Newborn Photography studio is the posing bean bag, or posing pod. The most well-known is of course none other than the Shootbaby, posing ottoman, which I believe is still one of the most sought after across the newborn photography industry...

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - Prop Of The Month - Newborn Snuggle Wrap}

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - Prop of the Month - Newborn Snuggle Wrap}
This month I want to introduce to you a great, and simple product that helps us get those little babies wrapped and snug. Whew one less thing to worry about on the day; heating, check; womb noises, check; camera, check – and The Newborn Snuggle Wrap!! Yes, check! The creator Maddy tel...

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - Baby Safety - Stand In Baby}

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - Baby Safety - Stand in Baby}
The most amazing idea that I have seen in this industry in a while, is the development of Stand in Baby. Stand in Baby is the brainchild and business baby of husband and wife team Sandra Moffatt (Moffatt Photography in Brisbane) and Brendan Moffatt, who’ve spent the last year developing their ba...

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - 7 Ways To Help Your Clients Newborn Baby Sleep.. }

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - 7 ways to help your clients newborn baby sleep.. }
No I am suddenly not the baby whisperer, but I have learnt a few things along the way myself in my own Newborn sessions. I thought I would share what helps me, just a few tips that I have learnt from the master baby whisperers.  1.       Wrap baby. At l...

{Little Beanstalk - The Vendor View}

{Little Beanstalk - The Vendor View}
Just like I am taking the time to give a friendly shout out to all the lovely photographers out there, I'd like to do the same for vendors after all without our gorgeous vendors there would be no Newborn Prop Marketplace. So first in is Little Beanstalk, a lovely lady from Adelaide, who was the firs...

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - Prop Trend, Floral Wreaths}

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - Prop Trend, Floral Wreaths}
Floral wreaths are right on trend at the moment. Scorching hot in fact, blazing beauties; in all colours and flowers, the more elaborate, the better. There are quite a few vendors who can make them for you, in silk flowers is the best (you never know if baby is allergic) and they usually ...

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - Prop Shopping – Our Global Marketplace}

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - Prop shopping – Our Global marketplace}
Newborn Prop Marketplace knows that the world is a big place, huge in fact, and the www is quite simply crammed with information. We have to spend a lot of time wading through it to find what is relevant and essential to our needs. Newborn Photography and the Newborn Prop market is no di...

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - MAKERS ... Help Us Out And Win Something Beautiful....}

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - MAKERS ... Help Us out and win something beautiful....}
This lovely little link below will take you to our questionnaire, you'll have the chance to win some amazing Jurlique products, you know to keep your hands and skin amazing and soft!Just click this little button... answer a few questions and there you go. Entered and done.Feel free to share with oth...

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - To Glove Or Not To Glove...gloves Are You In Favour? }

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - To Glove or not to glove...gloves are you in favour? }
I am a big fan of Newborn Photography, big fan! So I look at Newborn photography from all around the world, all the time. Getting ideas, getting inspiration, finding out who is doing what and how. An interesting find was how in many of the Asian nations, including Eastern Europe, where th...

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - When To Konmari Your Props… To What Your Props!??!}

{Newborn Prop Marketplace - When to Konmari your props… to what your props!??!}
Konmari - The delicate art of Japanese de-cluttering!! You may have heard of it and its brilliant for us photographers who have way... yes ... way too much stuff.Your space generally doesn’t generally look so delicate after you’ve just finished a shoot though right!? More like a coloured wrap ...
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