Vendor FAQ

Great you've made it, welcome to our Newborn Prop Marketplace community.

1.        Click at “Register as Vendor” to please login.

2.        Enter your details as requested (name etc), or if you’ve already registered, use the “Login” button on the top right of your screen, or use

           the link on the line that says “If you already have an account with us, please login at the login page”.

3.        Complete the details per the “Vendor Profile” Screen, and press Save


                    - ensure the Paypal email is the one you wish to transact with (you also need the correct name that goes with this too)

                    - your country needs to be entered

                    - ABN is optional (not listed in screenshot below as yet)

                    - Avatar image recommended size is 100px by 100px

                    - Banner image recommended size is 750px (wide) by 100px (high)

                    - It is highly recommended that you size the images that you wish to use for the Avatar and Banner to the sizes per the notes above to be

                      sure that they display accurately on your vendor listing.

4.        Yippee, you are now on your “Vendor Dashboard”.

5.        On your “Vendor dashboard” you can:

             a.            Modify your vendor profile – so update your cover photos & the information you entered at step 3.

             b.            Create new products – add your products

             c.             Manage your products – change all that you originally did at step 5b

             d.            Shipping settings – set your shipping for your products

             e.            View your orders – see orders

             f.             View you financial records – see overview of finances

             g.            Statistics

             h.            Banner Ads request – for a scheduled Ad spot on the Home page (not yet available)

 6.            Understand your “Overview” page

            a.            Sale Fee – commission to Newborn Prop Marketplace 2.5%  (not on shipping) in AUD

            b.            Royalty – what you get.

            c.             Paypal fees are calculated separately - you get paid directly to your PayPal account (less commission)

                            Note – there are no monthly charges (we are working on a yearly listing fee - stay tuned)

 7.            Create New Products (General):

            a.            Name – name your product

            b.            Description – put all the details you need here, even washing instructions if need be, note that a product is Made to Order etc.

            c.            Tags – these will come up in the search function so make them work for you

                           Note - HELP your customers find your products use these

            d.            Price – lists in AUD (any FX will be applied in PayPal)

                            Note - don't be put off your customers can choose to see items on the site in USD, AUD, EURO and UK Pound Stirling.

            e.            Category – choose as many as apply (please lets us know if you require any not listed here, and we’ll add them)

            f.             Quantity – the quantity you have available to sell

            g.            Files – you must add at least one photo, but optional to add a downloadable instruction guide or even a video to show how to use a product

                           Note – regarding “category”, we have a special set of items within the categories to use for listing Discounts, Made to Order, RTS,

                           Sales and Specials.

                          There is a copy function so you don't have to enter similar products multiple times, also let us know if you require any not listed here, and we’ll add them for you

 8.            Create New Products (Shipping/Delivery) - also see Step 12 & 15:

            a.            Dimensions and Weight – complete as needed (RECOMMEND LEAVE BLANK)

            b.            Shipping Methods – choose as many as you need

 9.            Create New Products (Options):

                    You can include options such as colours, sizes, blank  fields for additional information.

                    Note - with colours/sizes don't add an addition $ value unless you are charging more for certain colours or sizes as this will add additional costs to items.

 10.            Create New Products (Special Prices):

                    You can schedule sales & discounts, for now or later.

 11.          Create New Products (Special Prices):

                    You can schedule multi-buy discounts.

 12.          Shipping Settings:

                    Fixed – you set per product, per Step 8

                    Combined – DO NOT USE (requires dimensions and weights of products)

                    Note Fixed is recommended and note to customers that should they wish to combine shipping to contact you (i.e. arrange a refund of combined

                    shipping via PayPal) OR use the Shipping section per product to tell people shipping for 1 item, 2 items etc.

13.          You can also:

                    View your Orders (Allows you to view your customer orders and their current statuses.),  

                    View your Finances (Allows you to see your balances and your payments),  and,

                    View your Statistics (Sales data summary, by product by year).

14.          Create Banner Ad requests - WIP

15.          Shipping Destinations & Types –

                    a. Shipping Destinations

                        i.              Currently set up are:

                                        Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and International, BUT we can add more if you need it.

                        ii.             International includes many other major countries, including (those listed above (not Australia) but not limited to UK, France, Spain, Germany,

                                        Poland – please lets us know if you encounter issues because a country a customer requires is not listed.

                    b. Shipping Types 

                        i.              Types currently set up are:

                                        Courier, Express Post, Free Shipping, International Shipping, Registered Post or eParcel and Standard Post

                        ii.             These are just the types, you are able to choose your prices you would charge and which types you use, as you wish - please lets us know

                                        if you require a type that is not listed and we’ll add it in for you.

 16.          Where are you!? You can now see yourself in the vendor listing from the top menu, and customers can also use the search function to find your products.

 17.          Should you have any screens that are not working correctly, please check your browser security levels or any Ad blockers you may have running.


Any questions or queries? Contact us –